The Cursed Basano Vase

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Inanimate objects are known to carry negative or positive energies from previous owners or event infused with a deadly curse

Have you heard about the Basano vase ?

The Cursed Basano Vase

Around the 15th century, the Basano Vase was crafted from carved silver for an Italian bride as a wedding gift in a Northern village close to Napoli. For unknown reasons, she was killed on her wedding night. In her dying breath, she wished for vengeance while clutching her Basano vase. The vase was passed from one family member to another bringing mysterious death to anyone who owned it. Eventually, the vase was disappeared or buried on sacred ground by a priest only to be rediscovered in 1988 along with a note stating, “beware, this vase brings death” and sold to an auction house. 

Beware, this vase brings death

The first buyer was a local pharmacist, he mysteriously died just after three months of owning the vase. Immediately, his family sold the vase to a surgeon, a non-believer of curses and died after two months. Yet again, the vase was sold to an archaeologist for his private collection of renaissance artefacts and died of an unknown infection after three months later. The family decided to sell the famously recognised vase for its bad luck, especially after it claimed the life of the new owner in only one month. In desperation, the families tossed the vase out of the window, nearly hitting a policeman on his head, who quickly fined him for a disorderly conduct. The owner agreed to accept the ticket but declined to take the vase back.


The policeman offered the vase to several museums, but they all refused to take it because of the curse. Eventually, the police buried the vase in a lead coffin in an undisclosed location or on the grounds of an ancient cemetery. The Basano vase is waiting to be unearthed by an unsuspecting victim so it can start the killing spree again.

Death Of Achilles


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40 thoughts on “The Cursed Basano Vase

  1. Now you’ve got me doing the Googles on this. This is extremely interesting and I want to know more! I love such stories and every culture has their own Basano vase. Liek the cursed James Dean car.


  2. The details about banana vase are little scary. Although it’s interesting, there are many stories like this vase in history. Not believe in superstitious things but they are really topic of research.


  3. When I was younger, I used to love and LIVE for stories like this! I read all of the Stein books, picked through libraries, etc. Some for the thrill of it, but also for the inspiration such tales give for story creation. Like this one? Makes me imagine a future tale, when someone unearths that vase….


  4. Never heard about the story of this vase before and it’s scared me a lot. I will definitely not accept that vase because of the story behind it.


  5. What an intriguing story! I probably shouldn’t have read this at night I get scared very easily with stories like this. I did enjoy reading tho. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  6. What a chilling tale indeed. I am both amazed and pretty freaked out by this. I wonder if it is coincidental or really a curse!


  7. I tend to believe in such stuff in a way since I’ve heard of stories about some inanimate objects that brought about madness and even death. I might be overthinking but I’d better keep away. The basano vase just looks cursed!


  8. The lesson I learned, is to stop digging unknown/mysterious objects and keep it. I don’t even want to own an antique from anyone without knowing the story behind it. It’s creepy.


  9. Ive always been fascinated with the supernatural and this story truly gives me chills! I have heard about this but havent had the chance to read more. Thank you very much! 😀


  10. The story is very interesting! I wonder where is the location of the vase now, but I’m too afraid to make some research.


  11. Creepy and interesting at the same time. Spooky folklore like this can be so entertaining. Makes you wonder where the real location is?! Maybe it’s better not to know!


  12. What an interesting story! I have never heard of this vase or its curse before, but I am defiitely intrigued. i’d pass on being in the same room as it but I’d love to read more. Thanks for sharing!


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