Robert the Doll

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Have you ever heard of Robert the Doll?

Artist House

Thomas Otto and his wife moved into the Artist House in Key West, Florida. In 1900, Robert Eugene Otto was born. The family were harsh with their servants. Mrs Otto spotted the family servant, originally from the Bahamas, practising black magic and fired her. Before she left, she gave Robert a life-like doll as a gift which stood 3 feet tall, covered in scars, had beady eyes, filled with straw, a malevolent smirk and human hair (possibly Robert’s) and held dog on his lap that had a big eyes and a long tongue hanging out of its mouth. Robert gave the doll his name and kept his middle name for himself and dressed the doll in his sailor’s suit.

Robert Eugene Otto and Robert the Doll. 

Soon this companionship between the child and the doll took on a strange nature. Whenever Eugene was accused of mischievous acts such as knocking over lamps and furniture, torn clothing and misplaced objects, he would proclaim, “Robert did it!”. A plumber claimed to hear laughter and caught glimpses of the doll running about the house. School children claimed to see Robert moving from the window when the family was not at home. Eugene was heard conversing with Robert and a deep voice was heard answering back to Eugene. Eventually, the doll was placed in the attic due to all the unnatural activity

Eugene travelled to Paris to become an artist and married Anne. Once his father passed away, he returned to his childhood home with his wife and repossessed the doll. Anne hated the doll and begged Eugene to return the doll to the attic. Anne claimed to hear Eugene pleading to Robert not to harass him anymore. In 1974, Robert was seen on top of Eugene with his hands around his neck. After Eugene’s death, Anne rented the house to a new family and moved back to France. In the contract, she clearly stated that Robert must not leave the attic. The daughter of the new tenant found Robert in the attic and brought the doll to her room. In the night, the daughter saw Robert was moving around and claimed that the doll attempted to murder her.

Finally, Robert was donated to the Martello Gallery-Key West Art and Historical Museum. Robert was displayed like any other regular objects. The next day, an employee found the whole place wrecked but nothing was stolen and Robert was found in a different position and the shoes were coated in the dust. Employees have heard tapping sounds as they pass Robert’s case and noticed his hand on the glass. Psychics discovered that Robert has an aura. The museum receives numerous letters written by those asking him for suggestions, jinxing those who have mistreated them or for mercy in lifting the unlucky encounters such as car crashes, loss of job, failed marriages, sickness etc., they have endured because they disrespected him. 

The 2015 movie based on Robert the Doll
A movie based on Robert the doll.

In 2015, a movie based on Robert the Doll was released.

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25 thoughts on “Robert the Doll

  1. How very interesting. I have a new found love of the 17th, 18th and early 19th century history. While I do not believe in such things I do believe the mind can be a tricky thing. Many had different beliefs back then including witchcraft. I bet this made quite the movie for history buffs.


  2. I hadn’t heard the story of Robert before, but I love the supernatural! I think stories like these fuel our lives, imaginations and fantasies! I have heard of items possessing leftover energy, maybe Robert has some of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had never heard about Robert the doll before, but I loved the story and history behind it. Oh you had me at “Employees heard tapping and the glass on the hand”. Whaaa? If I see a doll with the hand on the glass one day but not the one before I am running for the hills. ha! LOL. Employees imagination is pretty wild though 😉

      Great read!


  3. I’ve read about him but I have never dared visit him and see him in person! It’s a pretty scary story to believe but for me it’s also possible. I wonder what kind of spell was used on him. He sounds pretty vengeful.


  4. It’s interesting. I’ve never heard of Robert before, but I know Annabelle and she’s creepy so i guess if they’re similar and they’re both in the scary genre.


  5. So interesting! Never heard about Robert before! My hubby and I just saw Annabelle movie last weekend, can’t wait to see this film now, I’m curious!


  6. I’ve heard of Robert Doll before, it is creepy and scary! I’ve also watched Annabelle before, I think I’m gonna check this out!


  7. I’ve heard of similar stories. It’s so crazy some of the old stories we hear about dolls. It’s no wonder I grew to be scared of some dolls when I was a young child.


  8. I’ve heard of the doll but I never thought about reading the origin! It’s quite terrifying to learn that it’s a vengeful spirit trying to get back at people. Definitely not a doll you want to cross paths with!


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