The Hands Resist Him

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Have you heard about the eBay Haunted Painting?

The Hands Resist Him

The Hands Resist Him was painted by an artist Bill Stoneham in 1972. He showcased the artwork in Los Angeles in the early 70’s. Eventually, it was purchased by the actor John Marley, who played Jack Woltz in The Godfather. Before the painting was examined by an art critic who passed away within the year, followed by the owner of the art gallery. In 1984, John Marley at age 76 died following an open-heart surgery

Jack Woltz in The Godfather

The boy is the younger version of the artist aged 5 standing in front of a glass panelled door, the doorway is signifying the division between the living dimension and the realm of dreams and opportunities, possibly life and death. The doll with vacant eyes and a gloomy expression is guiding the boy. She is holding a battery and wires. Many bodiless hands of children symbolize the possible life paths that can be taken by the boy who has his back turned. 

The original photo

After Marley’s death, the painting vanished and reappeared in 2000 on eBay along with details of what happened to a Californian couple who come in contact with it. One night, the boy and the doll were seen fighting, the boy crawled out of the painting because the doll was threatening him with a gun. They heard a demonic voice, similar to the voice of Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist and felt a gust of hot air or unseen hands touching their body. The painting caused individuals to fall sick or experience blackouts. Some individuals attempted to print the painting using a printer, which malfunctioned. The eBay post was viewed by 30,000 individuals and then purchased by the Perception Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $1,025.

The painting received so much popularity that it appeared in a short film by A.D. Calvo and in a PC video game “Scratches.” Currently, the copies of the painting and its sequel, Resistance at the Threshold are sold worldwide. 

Bill Stoneham

What do you think? Is it actually haunted or just another urban tale?

Thank you for reading, fellow humans 🙂 


121 thoughts on “The Hands Resist Him

  1. Wow another creepy story, but I love them. I intrigued with supernatural stories and I believe them lol. Great job!


  2. Well the story behind the painting certainly makes for interesting reading. No doubt it may well have helped increase the value also. Art of course is a very personal thing…you either like the creation or you don’t. Having a story behind something though always makes it more interesting.


  3. I really don´t know if it is haunted but there is an interesting story to tell with the painting.


  4. Oh that’s creepy! I can definitely see why the ebay post had so many hits. Can you imagine the horror? I wouldn’t want that thing 10 feet close to me. Nope! Nope! Nope!


  5. I am superstitious so I won’t be surprised if the painting is haunted, lol. I am terrified of horror movies, talk more of a “could be haunted ” painting in my house.


  6. Hmmmm did i just hear you say “crawl out” so unbelievable but i think it’s possible cause of some supernatural powers that we tend to neglect but they exist but it can as well be be a tale. Loved reading this i must say.


  7. This is such a nice post, it’s so creepy but still enjoyed reading it and to be honest with you I am not going buy that kind of painting.


  8. That was a creepy story and I can imagine why it became so popular when the painting reappeared again recently. A lot of people love horror stories.


  9. This one just feels more like an urban tale and a few coincidences. Just hasn’t been around long enough to really feel like it is haunted just yet. Ask again in a hundred years. 🙂


  10. It’s so amazing to learn about the history, meaning and interpretations of art! This one is a fascinating one!! It’s dark and scary! 😱


  11. I cannot say I don’t believe in hauntings because anytime I read stories such as this I get cool chills. I do enjoy reading about hauntings that have occurred. I can only hope that it is an urban legend and not a haunting


  12. It’s interesting to find out the back story of this painting. The story itself is actually creepy and mysterious at the same time.


  13. Oh my goodness – I have chills. That story is crazy. I think I might actually believe in haunted paintings..


  14. This is such an interesting story but I am not a type of person who like reading scary things and this one makes me scare a lot. I wonder where is that painting right now and if still exist how much would it be right now?


  15. Haunted stories surrounding artwork – especially with kids in it – are like the creepiest ever lol. I would be willing to bet that it’s just a myth that people have fun with, but it’s cool that it’s inspired some creepy creativity around it as well!


  16. I never heard this story before but this story makes me really scared. That artwork is so intriguing and sounds really mysterious.


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